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The Rest Of The Story

Hi I’m John Wright of WRIGHTLABS and here’s how ThyNews came to be. Back in early 2005 I grew familiar with the then-new RSS technology. As a recent college grad I wanted to build something great with a new technology. Not long after that I came up with an idea for a news site that would host links from good RSS feeds across the greater web.

At first I tested the waters with a site called NewsTrough (lol). Although NewsTrough wasn’t at all what I had envisioned, it seemed a logical step in the right direction. However, NewsTrough found itself on the backburner as I took on a day job and various other projects off and on. Unfortunately I lost the NewsTrough domain names because I didn’t keep tabs on the account, but I still had in mind to do something like it.

At some point I started using PageFlakes with it’s RSS feed flakes, making pages full of them. The basic idea was good, but maintenance turned into a bit of a hassle. Thus, the birth of ThyNews.

Along the way I’ve been collecting tools and tutorials to do the job and about mid April 2009 I finally got started with the doors opening to the general public on July 9, 2009. It’s been a lot of work but I’ve had a blast building it!

And so, that’s the story. ThyNews is now in service ready for you to use. If you find ThyNews useful (or not), I’d love to hear about it (You can contact me at hello [at] wrightlabs [dot] net)

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