Hello world and ThyNews users!

October 11th, 2009 by John Wright

I’ve started this blog to keep ThyNews users and anyone interested up to date on new and upcoming ThyNews features.

Currently ThyNews works well for many searches and feeds. For the most part all the features of dragging and dropping to order your page work fine. Podcast support is functioning so you can play podcasts directly from your ThyNews page.

Here’s the current screencast to demonstrate these features…


ThyNews has come a long way. I originally envisioned it to be just what it is today, so it’s great that it’s been accomplished. As I’ve been using it, I’ve had additional ideas to make it more useful. One of these ideas (which I’ll be rolling out soon enough) is to make it social by allowing you to follow what other users add to their pages. You can also add or preview each feed directly from the “following” section on your page. This can help you find some great news sources to follow. I’m looking forward to this feature coming out.

This blog is designed to be a way I can communicate to ThyNews users what’s new. You’re feedback in the comments about each new feature and the service as a whole will be a great help in making it that much better. If you use ThyNews please let me know in the comments.

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