Can a computer find interesting news for you?

October 16th, 2009 by John Wright

This article was inspired by a blog post over at Pingdom:

Beyond RSS – Four sites that can tell you what you want to read

I encourage you to try these sites out. They are all trying to create a more automatic news experience. I’ve tried Lazyfeed and the experience wasn’t bad. I found some interesting stuff that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

I’ve noticed this trend of sites trying to automatically find what I want and present it to me. But I guess I don’t completely trust an automatic process to find news for me. It seems whenever a computer process tries to do something that is better left up to a human, the results are lacking. I’ll have to admit that much progress has been made in many areas of automation but there is still much room for improvement.

ThyNews approaches the problem of finding interesting news a different way. This approach is to display all the news headlines on one page and let you scan the headlines for the news that interests you. It is an alternative where you can have a more active role in finding interesting articles. Really, ThyNews is a tool of convenience to help you see many headlines at once and you can decide what is interesting. No one knows what is interesting to you like you do.

Pingdom’s “Beyond RSS” article mentions the “problems that the latest generation of RSS readers are working on: the ability of services to adapt to individual readers’ interests”. ThyNews has just introduced some social news features which can help users discover news sources from who they follow. This could be useful in finding news sources you’re interested in, assuming that who you follow has similar interests as yourself. Overall it is experimental and may or may not prove to be useful in adapting ThyNews to individual readers’ interests.

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    of coure a computer can find interesting things for you

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    I like it. Keep these great posts coming!

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